LSPD Commands

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LSPD Commands

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Lockers /lspd
The locker room is an important part of the LSPD, as you will get your uniform and weapons here.

Radio (/r)adio
This radio is used to talk to other LSPD officers. It must be used ICly, although OOC can be used for quick questions, not for chatting OOCly, as long as you use OOC brackets. If you want to chat OOCly, use /pr.

Department Radio (/d)epartment
This radio is used to talk with all other Government departments and should not be abused. You must not use it unless it's a dire emergency if you are not a Corporal or above. Do not use OOC.

Gate Control /gate
The gate is an extremely common day use for all. This will operate both the garage and parking area gates.

Megaphone (/m)egaphone
This is an extremely useful tool that will alert anybody within a large area. It is used to tell cars to pull over in chases, or give way if your sirens are active.

Wanted List /wanted
This will display a list of anybody who has had a crime added to them in the database.

Adding Charges (/su)spect
This is the most useful command in the Police Department as it adds a crime to a suspect (a "star") so that you may arrest them. Never metagame or powergame anybody with this command.
Note: Fingerprint scanning is Non-RP as not everybody has their fingerprint recorded. DNA testing is powergame unless the suspect "died" during the chase and went to hospital (although RPly you could get their ID from them while they are incapacitated).

Ticketing /ticket
Tickets are similar to a crime, however it won't show on their permanant record. These should be issued to low level crimes such as trespassing. They should never surpass $4000, arrest them instead.

Arresting /arrestThis can be used after you have added charges to a suspect, it will arrest whoever is wanted and closest to you. If you don't want to add up all their punishments, give them $2000 and 2 minutes per star if crimes are below three, and $3000 with 3 minutes if higher.

Frisking /frisk
This will search a person for any illegal items they are carrying. You can also RPly locate other things such as their identification.

Cuffing /cuff
This will place cuffs on the suspect as long as their hands are up or they're tazed. If they are tazed you are not required to RP the cuffs, as they may have time to run away before you have them on - although it is preferred.
They can not move around while cuffed and you can detain them, but that doesn't mean they can not resist you.

Uncuffing /uncuff
Uncuffing suspects may be useful in situations, but if you're uncuffing them for OOC purposes make sure they will RP with you rather than flee. Take their weapons beforehand, if you must.

Detaining /detain
Detaining is a necessary step to arrest a suspect. To properly detain somebody you must RPly open a back door and grab their arm to escort them to the car. Give them a chance to resist you with /me's and /do's.

Calling for Backup /backup
This command will alert all Law Enforcement Officers of your current location and, if they are close enough, display a beacon on their GPS.

Cancelling Backup /nobackup
If you no longer require backup use this command to remove the beacon from anybody nearby.

Displaying your badge /badge
This will put on, or put away, your badge; causing your name to swap between blue and white. It should be on while patrolling.

Showing your Badge /showbadge
This will show your badge to anybody who needs to see it. This is a great way to tell if somebody is working for a Law Enforcement Agency or not.

Radargun /radargun
This command will give you a "camera" which, when used, will give you the current speed and registration number of the car that is targeted.

Destroying cannabis /destroyplant
This command will allow you to destroy cannabis before it has been grown or harvested. It will destroy the one closest to you.

Civilian vehicles /vcheck, /vmdc, /vticket
These three commands allow you to check a vehicles registration, giving you a list of unpaid tickets, car type, and the owner's name. Once you have the vehicle ID you can place a ticket on it, which automatically costs $1000.

Towing vehicles /tow
This command will attach a vehicle to the back of your tow truck. If you keep it attached and get into a different car, it will cause issues so make sure that you get rid of the vehicle first. You should line up first before towing, so that it does not end up inside a building.

Detaching vehicles /untow
This command will detach a vehicle that you have in tow. You should do this when getting out of the tow truck, but make sure you leave the vehicle in a legal parking location.

Impounding vehicles /impound
This command will impound a vehicle when used outside the LSPD garage and send it to the Dillimore DMV. This should only be used once a vehicle has three unpaid tickets on it, as it costs a lot of money to get it back out.

Releasing vehicles /dmvrelease
This command will release a vehicle from the Dillimore DMV when used at the DMV, free of charge. This should only be done if a vehicle was impounded incorrectly.

Searching a vehicle /searchcar & /checktruck
These two commands are used to check the trunk of a car or truck for any illegal items. They are much the same, except you check trucks that are delivering products into Los Santos and only search cars if you have a good reason to be suspicious.

Deploying /deploy(spikes)
This command will either lay a set of road spikes, destroying a cars wheels.

Sergeants and above only.

Revoking license /revokedl
This command will allow you to revoke a persons drivers license, disallowing them from driving. It is important to check if somebody has their license or not when pulled over. It should not be done lightly and a good reason given.
Sergeants and above only.

Destroying /destroy(spikes)
This command is the opposite of deploy, allowing you to remove them instead. You can check the existing objects and it's ID, which you must delete it by, with /spikestrip,
Sergeants and above only.

Deploying Barricades /deploycade
This will setup a large blockade that will stop any vehicle dead in its tracks. This is useful to prevent access to certain areas. Do not leave barricades unattended.
Sergeants and above only.

Removing Barricades /destroycade
This will remove any nearby barricades, but you must be closeby to do so.
Sergeants and above only.

Government announcement (/gov)ernment
This command will cause a large announcement to be broadcasted to everybody, it should never be abused as it's not only for legal factions to see.
Captain and above only.


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Re: LSPD Commands

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You are not LSPD Leader so shut up man.Let the leader do it.You think your the Leader Of All faction?


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Re: LSPD Commands

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And 1 thing...You are a MG'er...Reason? LSPD Topic is IC commands is OOC !!! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! This is your face

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Re: LSPD Commands

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