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Post  Joe_Sylvester on Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:42 am

Get the Platinum VIP for your Character here !

Price : $100.00

.:: RGRP E-Store Buying Format ::.

Name : ( Real Name )
Age : ( Real Age )
Gender : ( Male / Female )
In-Game Name : ( Your In-Game Name )
Products : ( Name of Products that you want to buy )
Products Option : ( Leave Blank for this Type of Products )
Price : ( Price of The Products )
Message : ( Send me Message of Buying Infomation )


Platinum VIP Rank on the forums
VIP Chat
VIP Garage with access to all the most select cars on the map.
VIP Lounge
First Aid Station [HP Refills]
Gun Locker
Ability to get Pot and Crack using the jobs without having to wait for refills at the Drug House.
Preferred Pricing on Cars from the Dealership (20% Off)
24/7 VIP Pricing (20% Off)
Free ATM Use
Free Checking
Discounted Name Changes
Limited BETA Access.
Invites to VIP Only Parties
Caller ID
Ability to have 2 jobs.
Ability to own 2 additional cars.
Unrestricted Access to All Skins
Decreased RP Prison & Jail Time (20% Reduction)
Increased Interest Rate
Ability to purchase negative phone numbers.
Free Car Insurance
Auto Reply Text Messages
Daily VIP Buddy Invite a Friend to use VIP Bronze Features for 3 hours
Max Hour Interest Increase: $250,000
Priority Reports
Ability to /requestevent and if approved, you can host a server-wide (OOC) event!
Access to Gift Safe without it being opened (once per 5 hours of game play)
1 Time Access to Restricted Car of Choice (except vehicles with weapons)
"Home Care" - The Ability to Spawn at Home upon death (vs. using another insurance point)

(( How to Get it ? ))

1. Fill the E-Store Format Above and Send it to My Email ( musicmania619@gmail.com )

2. Complete your Payment .

3. You're Done !
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